Saturday, February 6, 2010


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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Clothes Drive

This is too funny! I could truly see this happening in most offices :)

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Edible Arrangements

Here in Italy, the US and many other countries is a fabulous company called Edible Arrangements. They make the most delicious and beautiful arrangements of fruit I have ever seen! This is a great gift for a loved one, a colleague or friend. I ordered one for my mother on mothers day she LOVED it! A great alternative to flowers! It's also a great gift for the person who has EVERYTHING! They are sure to devour it and share with friends. You can either have them delivered or pick them up directly from the store. My personal favorite is the chocolate dipped pineapple. The price varies and is fairly affordable. Click Here to link to Edible Arrangements site! Feel free to send me one :)

Ciao bella!

Bella Vicenza

The area I live in is so inspiring I just had to write about it! Please enjoy this poem I wrote about Vicenza.

O Bella Vicenza, within her walls a great love affair doth live
One of Shakespearean entanglements and passion filled tragedies alike
A courtship manifested over hundreds of years
With much ease you fall for the quick kiss of her Vicentino breeze
Or the tickle of a buzzing bee within the ear
Let your eye dance upon every shade of green God hath dressed her in
Wrap your lips upon the flowering juice of her supple olive
And drink the milk of her land birthed from the grape
Her beauty also lies in her strength and o how her rolling hills do roar
And echo times of royalty and excess as well as hunger and despair
Her past never to be forgotten as it is marked all over our land
As if to remind us that this steadfast stumble is inevitable
As every sense is captivated, challenged and intrigued
For we are not the first nor the last to fall for the enchantment of this land
And must not let the call of her cathedral bells and morning birds go unnoticed
For they call the soul to reawaken from its steady sleep
And if you shall not embrace this love, for you I forever weep

copyright 2009 Do not reproduce without permission from owner

Monday, February 1, 2010


I am a part of this amazing network of bloggers called SITS. (See the link in the bottom right column of my blog). We discover, promote and support each other every day! Today is my day to be "discovered". This is my opportunity to tell you about myself, my blog and my inspiration! So...CIAO! My name is Amanda and I started my blog to enhance my online retail store at It was meant to give customers tips, fun gift ideas and let them know about new items and sales. Then within two weeks word came that my husband and I would be moving to Italy and I was pregnant! We arrived as I was 6 months pregnant and tried to prepare our new home for our little angel. Marcella Marie arrived in September of 2008 and I was now officially a stay at home mom. Life for me before she was born was insanely busy. I had a full time job, owned my own internet business on the side, always in the middle of some renovation project at my home and led a very busy social life . Now, I was at home most of the time with my little one and no one to talk to but my two dogs. Of course she kept me busy but I needed some kind of outlet. So, I started writing posts once a week or so. I found that every morning I wanted to say more. I wanted to write about other great products from other stores I found or fun ideas for decorating. I wanted to write about this amazing country I now live in and all its wonders. Now I post every day. My mission is to keep it light, funny, interesting and in general just make you smile. Here are a few links of older posts you can check out! Feel free to become a follower and comment away. I love making new friends and finding out about what interests others!

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So You're a Tough Guy EH?

Decathlons, Triathlons and the famous Iron Man competition can't touch this "Tough Guy" contest in the UK (that includes tough ladies too). More than 5,000 people come from all over the world to crawl through mud, fire, broken glass and an impossible course of 100 obstacles. There is even an electric fence they must pass called "the tiger". I can't believe people volunteer to do this! It looks like a Rambo movie set. However, it is for charity.

Click here to link to the UK Daily Mail to read more about this amazing competition and see more insane pics!