Thursday, November 12, 2009

Drug Company Bribes Dr.

You know this happens all the time but it's a rare occasion when it's brought to the light. I once looked into working as a drug rep but once I found out how these drug companies operate my morals told me NO even though my pocket told me yes. They do a lot of good, but I think most of them have lost the book on ethics. Here is a story about a Dr that over prescribed and botched research results for a little extra pocket here to link to the article.

My advice: Always get second opinions. Don't just take medicine. Find out what it does and it's side effects. Don't just trust Doctors with your life, you are in charge of your own body! It's called PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY people! Don't let them take advantage of your ignorance on the subject. Research research and research some more!

Goodness I didn't know I felt so strongly on the subject. Have a great day!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


More gorgeous handmade jewelry and ceramics from MoZart just added to our inventory. Who can resist Swarovski crystals, semiprecious stones, Czech glass and sterling silver. Perfect Christmas gifts! Sorry, didn't mean to point out the fact that the Holidays are so close :) Link to Japanese Lantern Earrings, Confetti Earrings , Fall Flowers Earrings, Ceramic Hanger.

WII Updates

Here is the weekly rundown. For those of you who don't know I am "testing" out the WII game Active Personal Trainer. It has been a lot of fun so far! It does take some getting used to. Like running in place or exercising with two remotes in your hands, it is awkward at first but you get the hang of it quickly. There are how to videos that I am not patient enough to deal with but I definitely recommend watching them before doing the exercises for the first time. Even though you know how to do squats for example the game needs you to point the remote certain ways to register your moves. So save yourself some frustration and watch them at least once.

Pros: I didn't get bored! Except during the running sessions. They put you on a track. If I wanted to run on a track, well, I would. I wish I could choose different views like a tropical forest or Hawaii on the beach, etc.

Really good mix of exercises! You will do plenty of squats and jogging but they also include boxing and basketball to mix it up for you.

It allows you to choose your level of difficulty from easy, medium and hard. This gives you the opportunity to grow with the game and its not too difficult to get started.

Cons: Sometimes it gets caught up and it takes me a few minutes to get it working again (could be user error but I don't think so).

It doesn't weigh you. Wii fit is great because it gives you your weight and bmi every time you get on. This game was made so you can use it with or without the balance board so this function isn't included. I go back and forth between the two games everyday because I really love having the ability to track my weight.

She is a little too optimistic. The trainer constantly encourages you. It's not annoying yet...but I can see that it will be in the future. "You rock" "Keep it up" That kind of jibber jabber.

The resistance band that comes with the game is kind of cheaply made. The handles are really starting to give me a friction burn.

I have started the 30 day challenge at easy and moved to medium this week. I lost drum roll please..........2 lbs. That's pretty good huh? I am happy with it. Even though I'm pretty sure I had three peanut butter cookies last night(ok it was 4). CLICK HERE for the recipe :) Today is a new day!!

So ...I have 13 more lbs to go. I think I am off to a great start.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Babies Having Babies...

My heart aches when I see this. It also reminds me that the United States is truly in a world of it's own. This phenomenon is not "typical" and we try to avoid these situations at much as possible with education and other prevention methods. Unfortunately, in other parts of the world this is common place...this 11 year old found herself having her baby during her here to link to the lil sugar article to read more.