Saturday, June 27, 2009

Free Mouse Pad & Pocket Mirror Giveaway

A free mouse pad (a $14.00 value) will be given away as well as 2 pocket mirrors (a value of $6.50 each) to three separate followers of my blog in a drawing July 10th. To participate just become a follower (must have a US address) of the site before midnight eastern standard time July the 9th. Please email for any questions! Good Luck All!! ONLY BLOGSPOT FOLLOWERS ARE ELIGIBLE. YOU MUST SHOW UP AS A FOLLOWER ON THIS MAIN PAGE (LOOK BOTTOM RIGHT)TO QUALIFY!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Happy Weekend!

Nothing starts a weekend off better than ICE CREAM :) Starbucks has a mocha frappuccino pint that is to die for! A little strong on its own...I mixed some Breyers vanilla with cookie dough in with mine, don't you just love summer? :)

American Icons and Music

With the passing of Michael Jackson, a true American icon, I thought I would introduce another very talented artist that seems to stay on top of my play list these days. RobinElla! Her unique music has a wonderful mix of blue grass, blues, jazz and folk. Her lyrics speak to me and resurface all sorts of wonderful emotions and memories of country days and bluesy nights. Perfect for summer listening! On all of her five albums she remakes several old jazz favorites as well as an amazing group of original songs. Find her info at! My favorite album to listen to at this time is Robinella and the CC string band! Happy Listening!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Life in Europa!

What I have learned since moving to Europe...
1. SLOW DOWN (but not on the road)
2. Appreciate how much of a miracle babies really are.
3. Bigger is not always better
4. Shoes are a status symbol.
5. DO NOT under estimate the power of cafe.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Living in Italy is certainly a dream come true. The people, the vino, the landscape......and lets not forget THE SHOPPING! One fabulous company I have stumbled upon is Francesco Biasia. Their bags are incredibly beautiful made with top of the line leather. What I like best, however, is the thought of function put into the design of each bag. There is a pocket every where you need one and the straps are comfortable but it continues to have a streamlined chic look. The latest fashion in purses I have found is a woven leather look as well as any kind of metallic material. Add this incredible "python detail" and all eyes will be on you...well, at least your purse. Ciao Bella