Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Little Man Party!

My son just turned one! We had a great "little man" party with little man food and cupcakes and a really fun photo booth. I think the adults had more fun than the kids at points. I was getting a few questions about how I set it all up so here you go!

I decided upon the little man theme because my little guy is well...not petite. So to outfit him to look like a little man I bought him a "tie" onsie and bib to rock on the big day. I chose a color scheme based on the invitations I ordered. Red, light blue and black.

I decided that a little man party should have little man food. So men like...beer...ok root BEER floats. The root beer float station was a hit! Don't forget the whipped cream and cherries. Men like burgers and fries...ok sliders and curly fries. Little sliders with pickles and all the fixings. They were really great but I made way too many. I estimated one per child and two per adult. Then of course for me its a necessity to always have fruits and veggies. Another side...hmmm well my husband loves chips and dip so I thought little individual dips would be fun. It was a little time consuming but well worth it for the 7 layer Mexican dips. I would definitely make them again especially for smaller gatherings. For dessert it just made sense that everyone would get their own little cupcakes. I made all chocolate cupcakes with butter cream frosting. I split the frosting in half and used food coloring in one batch to make it light blue. Sprinkles on top and they all looked wonderful!

For decorations:

I glued toothpicks to "cupcake toppers" and put them in the fruit and veggies.

I punched circles out and strung them along twine for garland.

I hung a happy birthday sign over the food table so it didn't look so bare above.

For the photo booth I chose a corner of the house that doesn't get much traffic. I set out props that made for good "little man" pictures. Hats, glasses and ties. I knew everyone needed some whiskers so I set out chocolate mustache pops. I hung a blue sheet that matched the party colors and made a garland from twine and crepe paper. We set up a tripod but with the different heights for adults and kids we ended up holding the camera the whole time.

The party was so much fun and really not too much work to put together. I hope your next party is a blast too!

The chocolate mustaches were from Bon Bono at Etsy

The invitations and cupcake toppers were made by Belva June at Etsy

The Happy Birthday sign is from Cow Country Creations at Etsy

Onsie and bib made by Chic Couture Boutique

The plates, napkins forks and knives: Oriental Trading

Recipe for the 7 layer Mexican dip from The girl who ate everything