Wednesday, October 9, 2013

You’re on a roll bird feeder

The birds are on their way out of here but we try to keep them coming back each morning with this easy and inexpensive diy bird feeder.   This is a perfect project for little ones and they love the idea of feeding the birds. 

 You will need:

Empty toilet paper rolls

Peanut butter

Bird seed



Use a knife to spread a thin layer of peanut butter on the entire toilet paper roll.

Have your child roll it in the seeds.

Slide it on a branch, and wait!

Cinque Terre

Monday, October 7, 2013

Edible Art

This is a simple activity that can be educational and tasty.  It’s great for learning how to categorize and also helps to improve fine motor skills.  Understanding how these treats can be organized in different ways develops abstract thinking and putting them in place on the paper improves eye hand coordination. 

You will need:

Glue stick if you want it to be permanent

Colorful round cereal

Cotton balls (optional)

Print out sheets (2)  You should be able to right click on them and choose to print


Rainbow Picture:  Spread out a handful of cereal onto the table.  Have you child choose three colors for the arches and then group them by color.  Then have your child place each piece in between the arches to form a rainbow.  Talk about how many you need on each arch and count them out.  Glue your cotton balls onto the clouds.  At this point you can eat the cereal pieces or glue them down!   Make sure they don’t eat them after they adhere the glue. That's pretty obvious right? YUCK!
Flower bouquet:  Have your child pick different colors and place at the top of each stem.   Glue down with glue stick.  Talk about the parts of the flower such as the stem, the petals and the seeds.  Don’t forget about Mrs. Butterfly, she needs one on her wing!


Have fun!