Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Food Matters

In October of last year while traveling to see my family I became utterly exhausted. Around 7:30 the night before I was suppose to get on a plane I ended up at the emergency room. I know that my exhaustion and raised heart rate was caused by lack of sleep from having two little kids, jet lag and not taking anytime out to rest. However, I could tell that the foods I was eating while on vacation were making me sick and making me feel dramatically worse. When I returned home from my trip I started to seek out more information on nutrition since I knew there was a strong link between how I felt and what I ate. I started to watch documentaries on Netflix and came across three that have drastically changed the way my family and I are eating and living. I highly recommend you check out the following.

Food Matters

Forks Over Knives

Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead

My husband and I decided for us it would be best to do a juice cleanse and then from there make healthier everyday choices. We are all or nothing people. We knew that if we wanted to make a real change we had to do it all at once. The results have been amazing. We both have lost ten or more pounds in the first 10 days and our bodies are seriously changing. We want to cut down on dairy and meat almost completely. Does this mean no cake on my sons 1st birthday coming up in February? Absolutely not. It does mean that I wont eat left over cake for the three days after. It does mean I will serve more fruits and veggies at the party. I hope you take the time out to watch one or more of these movies and start to educate yourself on nutrition and health. Take charge of your well being! Your body will thank you for it. I think sometimes its nice to be reminded that "you are what you eat". I will keep you up on the great new recipes we are trying and how my kids are taking to this new change :)


  1. Food Matters is definitely my favorite!!!

  2. Ben and I have been looking at food differently lately as well. "You are what you eat" is really sticking with me too... we have one body and one life so we really should take care of it!! A great blog that I am kind of obsessed with is lindawagner.net/blog. She has the best tips on healthy living, great recipes, and is super knowledgeable about nutrition. You should check her out if you haven't heard of her. I haven't watched these movies yet but have heard of all three so this is another reason I need to go watch them! Thanks for the tips! xoxo

    1. Thanks Rach, I checked that site out...love it!

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  4. Glad you liked the site!!

    I just looked at your online store. I LOVE it. SO cute :)


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