Sunday, January 24, 2010

Cupcake Craze

I'm sure you have noticed the recent obsession with cupcakes. They are EVERYWHERE. Well here is a cute way to put it on a pedestal if you will. Rosanna Inc came up with this adorable mini stand. CLICK HERE to link to her site. I think they would be great for a wee ones birthday party!

A favorite blogger of mine has gathered many many more cute pedestals to "drool" over. Click here to link to her site at


  1. These are SOO cute! Who can resist ANYthing that displays a cupcake!!

  2. These stands would be great for a teaparty. Stopping by from SITS!

  3. I am currently OBSESSED with pedestals like that...perhaps because I am planning a wedding? I love them and I'll be checking that site out!

  4. Check out my blog, I recently did a post about cupcake pedastals - the ones you posted are ADORABLE!!

  5. how cute!! I LOVE cupcakes - especially red velvet. I was a bit taken back when I first moved to NYC and realized how popular cupcakes are here. No one ate them back in Michigan (except for kids birthdays and bake sales!). Super cute!

    My Dad made the cake pedestal for our wedding cake and I will cherish it forever. They can be so beautiful!

  6. I'm all about the cupcake, just love, love, love them
    Live, Love, Eat Cupcakes.....
    Happy SITS day!

  7. Very cute!! You are right - absolutely perfect for a 1st bday!

    Enjoy your SITS day!


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