Thursday, January 28, 2010

And For His Next Trick...

David Copperfield magically gets out of the rape charges he was accused of over three years ago. I remember when this story broke. I was heart broken to find out he was a womanizer and alleged rapist. Well, as you know those with any dough in their pocket have to watch out for greedy people. I have to tell you I am so glad my husband and I got married stone cold broke, I never had to question if he was just after money. Well, poor Copperfield was taken by a gold digger. She has just recently been charged with prostitution and has been scamming men all over the country for years. Like magic, charges against Copperfield have been dropped.

Read more details and see her picture HERE from SEATTLE WEEKLY!

image from Seattle Weekly


  1. i remember too and was also heartbroken. loved that guy. my mom took me to see him when i was in elementary school and i gave him a signed photo of funny is that! thanks for the update on his story. :)

  2. I know! I got his autograph and its still lingering somewhere in my house. I thought he was the most handsome thing :) Keep in mind, I was 8 or so :)

  3. I had never heard about this. I always thought he had a spell over Claudia when they were together.

    I hate when gold diggers ruin people with good names.


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