Sunday, August 16, 2009

I MISS........

Moving to Italy has been an amazing experience that has lit up my soul and senses! I do miss the United States, however, and it’s hard for me to admit what I miss most (besides family of course). I miss MEXICAN food. I miss the cheap joint down the street with frozen margaritas and a white sauce to die for. I miss the crunchy salty chips and flour tortillas. I miss the refried beans and mystery cheese on top. Well to quench my thirst I have to make my own at home because you won’t find Mexican food in Italy! This recipe is amazing and given to me by a friend that shares the Mexican love! Try this one at home!

Rachel says:
After a week of eating out I need a change of pace. Mexican is always my go to when I'm in a pinch. This fresh recipe for Tostadas Salsa Verde comes from Martha Stewart's Everyday Food back in 2006. It's a favorite in my house and perfect to make if you have left over chicken. Mix up a margarita and enjoy!

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