Tuesday, July 7, 2009


There is a distinct difference in the way men and women shop. Women like to go to the store and walk around for awhile, casually browsing over racks of shoes and clothes and maybe, just maybe within an 8 hour period they might buy something that they may or may not need. In fact, I dare say that the browse to purchase ratio is quite large. Men usually only go shopping when they need something and prefer not to spend an entire Saturday walking around a bunch of stores browsing things that they don't need to buy. When men need something, they purposely drive to the exact store that has the item they need, walk in the front door and proceed to where the item is located, purchase it, and get out. This leaves more time for drinking beer. I have found that the internet is an even better place for guys to shop since it doesn't require any of the above. In minutes, you can find the exact product you need for the best price. The internet brings thousands of stores to your living room and for unheard of low prices. There are a number of websites that I frequent everyday for shopping. Everyday? I know it sounds contrary to what I've said above, but these sites are special. They list one item at a time at a steep discount. These items are listed for 15-30 minutes or until sold out, and many times they do sell out. The discounts are usually 50-75% off and unlike the bargain bins at brick and mortar stores, the items are things you want or need and usually in your size. Here they are:
Steep and Cheap
Whiskey militia

Steap and Cheap offers deals on outdoor gear, everything from hiking boots, to kayak paddles, to sunglasses.

Chainlove offers deals on mountain biking gear.

Bonktown offers deals on road biking gear.

Whiskey militia offers deals on surfing, skating and other similar sports products.

Woot is a little different. They offer only 1 product per 24 hr period. The products they offer are from all ends of the spectrum.

I could go on and on about the crazy deals on sunglasses, shirts, sweaters, biking clothes, biking products, headphones, and other merchandise that I've scored, but would be here all day. You'll find just how addictive these sites become as you wait to see what the next crazy deal is. These sites aren't limited to just guys either, they list their fair share of gear for women too.

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