Sunday, July 26, 2009


This economy keeps most of us from out of the stores and spending our disposable income. However, it still amazes me how the right marketing can make you throw all of your good sense out the window. What is it that taps deep into our subconscious and makes us NEEEEDDD what ever is hanging in the store window? It seem as though if they surround anything with lights and sparkles I'm drawn to it with googely eyes. They have even made an entire line of furniture, accessories and clothing to look old and ragged so you appear to be thrifty and people run out in droves to pay extra money for it! Just yesterday I was watching a program that had an "expert" in make-up, sharing all of her tips. They highlighted a particular lip gloss that was "affordable". She declared that if you put this on at night before you go to bed your lips will stay moisturized all day long. My first reaction was to run to get a pen and write down the name of the "affordable magic lip gloss". Then suddenly I felt like I was hit with a brick in the back of the head. They got you! I thought. I literally have about 3-5 sticks of lip gloss in my night stand right now, and I'm about to run out and get more because of this "expert". It's hard to save, especially when you are bombarded by pretty pictures and pretty people and you feel this standard that you think you have to live up to. That your house needs to look like a show room and you need to dress for the runway. My goal this week is not to let good marketing get to me and to be happy with what I have. A roof over my head, a warm bed to sleep in and amazing people in my life! The truth is, people will always love me...shriveled lips and all!

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