Monday, April 7, 2014

Easter Basket Revamp

Easter baskets can be notorious for nasty candy, cheap toys that fall apart in a day and a new basket every year that clutters up more space in your child’s room.   Last year I was on a mission to change that and it has been a hit!  The great part is that you are going to eventually buy these things for your child this spring anyway so why not get a little organized and integrate it into your Easter basket.
Think outside the box and add things like:
A towel with your loved ones favorite character on it.

A new bathing suit for the season, sun glasses and hat to fend off those summer rays.
A stuffed animal or book.
New Spring/Summer Jammies and Slippers.
Bracelets or necklaces. 
Fill eggs up with things other than sweets like temporary tattoos or a healthier snack like cheerios.
I also have the kids put out the basket the night before so the bunny has a place to leave his gifts.  That way you save by not having to buy another basket.
Be creative, have fun and Happy Easter!          

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