Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Attack of the Killer Papers

Sometimes when my kindergartener comes home and unleashes a flood of papers onto the table and absolutely refuses to throw any of them away I feel like I'm drowning.   I can feel myself get anxious as I add to the huge stack on the dining room table but know that she is proud and wants me to be proud of her as well.  To fix this dilemma I turn to Amy Volk, owner of Simplified Living LLC.  She has a great blog with loads of information on home and corporate organization.  Check out her advice for school papers by clicking HERE!  Organization is not a skill that I was born with but as a mother I find I need it more and more every day to keep my sanity.  Besides, who wouldn't want to use these cute folders?  Find advice on school papers and more at!  Also, a great place to find storage containers and folders is The Container Store.  With a little good advice and prep I know we can live simply in no time!

                              Have any tips you can't live without?  Please comment below! 

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