Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Hot Air Balloon Craft

 There is something magical about hot air balloons for both children and adults.  The way they gracefully move up and down and only with the speed of the wind makes everyone, young and old, stop and stare.  With this simple craft you can create your own magical hot air balloon and make it as simple or ornate as you want.  


You will need:
Paper plates
Construction paper
Yarn or string
Hole punch or glue
Markers, crayons or paints
Decorate the paper plate.  We wanted to paint ours so we flipped it over to the non-waxy side and used markers and watercolors.   Feel free to use glitter, stickers or whatever excites your child and decorate both or just one side.  Let it dry.
Cut out your basket from your construction paper.  You can use a square or trapezoid. 
Punch out holes in the plate and basket and string together with yarn or use glue if you don’t have a hole punch.
Hang it high and let it twist and turn in the wind. 

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