Friday, July 2, 2010

Patriotic Crafts

Here are a couple of cute crafts from babycenter you and the kiddos can do for this holiday weekend!

Ages: 5- 8 years
Time to complete: 60 minutes
Re-create America's first flag, originally made in May 1776 by Betsy Ross

What you need:
Piece of white felt , 4 yards 5/8-inch red and white ribbon , 22 yards of blue grosgrain ribbon , 12-inch dowel , wooden beads , ruler , scissors , fabric glue
Cut seven 16-inch lengths of red ribbon and six 16-inch lengths of white ribbon. Cut out a 5-inch-by-9-inch piece of white felt. Start gluing a red ribbon to the white felt, letting half an inch of ribbon hang over the wide side of the rectangle. Continue alternating white and red ribbon until you have a total of 13 stripes. Fold over the short ends of the ribbons and glue to the back of the felt to create a finished edge. Cut seven strips of blue ribbon 6 inches long. Starting at the upper corner, fold half an inch of ribbon over the edge of the felt and glue to secure. Glue the blue ribbons on top of the red and white ones. At the other end of the blue ribbon, fold under half an inch and glue to create a finished edge. Cut 13 white stars from the remaining felt. Glue the stars onto the blue ribbon in a circle. Fold back the tips of the loose ends of the red and white ribbons twice and glue. Take four 3-inch strips of ribbon and create loops. Glue the loops to the back of the wide side of the felt. Place a dowel through the loops. Glue wooden beads to the ends of the dowel to secure the flag. Tie a ribbon to each end and hang.

Ages: 4- 8 years
Star Mobile
Time to complete: 60 minutes

What you need:
White and blue paper , string , embroidery hoop , red paint , paint brush , scissors glue
Paint an embroidery hoop red. Cut out as many white or blue star shapes as you like. Attach the stars to the string by gluing two matching stars together with the string sandwiched between them. Cut the strings to different lengths.
Wrap each piece of string around the hoop and glue or knot ends. Continue attaching stars until you have the desired number, making sure the mobile is balanced on all sides.
Tie four pieces of string at equal distances around hoop and tie the ends together. Thread a wooden bead on the strings.
Hang near a window.

Ages: 3- 8 years
This festive, patriotic fan will keep you cool on a hot, summer day.

What you need:
Red and white wrapping paper , Popsicle sticks , blue construction paper , scissors and glue.
Cut a sheet of wrapping paper 35" long by 5" high. Accordion-fold the paper, allowing about 1/2" for each fold. Glue ends together so it makes a circle. Flip the fan over. Make a handle by glueing a popsicle stick onto each side of the seam where you glued the circle together. Cut out two stars from the blue construction paper and glue them in the center of the fan on the front and the back.

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