Monday, March 15, 2010

Pastel Pearls

I LOVE this pastel pearl wrap from WillOaks Studio. It's gorgeous and affordable! The pastel colors of Spring on a shimmering pale gray silk chain. A careful selection of shapes and colors suggests a pastel version of a rainbow. Can be wound 'round and 'round the wrist for a lovely dense cuff bracelet full of glossy pearls. Also fun to wear in many different ways as a necklace--clustered or cascading, long or short. Such a beautiful pastel color collection that is just perfect for a soft Spring accessory. Click HERE to link to the site!


  1. Stunning item,I wish I was stateside so I could oder one for myself. I just adore the colours, would go with evertyhing, and perfect for everyday.

  2. Looks like they ship "everywhere" for $8.00. You might just be able to!

  3. now this is a treat, off to have a look at the site. Thanks for letting me know.


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