Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Last Minute Gifts you waited till the last minute and your car broke down and now you are SCREWED! Well no worries, if you are reading this post then you have the internet, and oh what wonders we can accomplish with it..thanks Al Gore.

Gift Cards are always an option!

At you can get an electronic card so nothing is actually mailed, just emailed. That way there is no card to lose! You can print one out as well, or have it mailed! They cover all options!
is also great! You can put a print out of the magazine cover in a card and there ya go!

Harry and David have a WONDERFUL Fruit of the Month Club where they ship a different fruit every month to enjoy all year!

You can do it...stop procratinating! You will feel better when its all over and drinking egg nog. OK, not egg nog, I mean who really drinks that stuff?

Good Luck All!

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