Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Green Cards

How many greeting cards do you think go through USPS every year? About 4 billion! Think about all the trash that creates. It's estimated that each person receives/sends about 20 per year. It's so nice to get them but 99% of them go right into the trash or just clutter up the house. Another GREAT option is electronic cards. There are free ones out there (perfect for a tight budget) or you can pay a few dollars for a super animated one.

This holiday season try:


They offer great free ones as well as ones you can purchase. You can attach photos, songs, video, etc. to the ecards and it's simple to use! You can even purchase and attach "amazon gift certificates".

Grandma and great aunt Jane will get a good old fashion paper card from me because they are not computer literate, but cutting down just a little helps mother earth!


  1. Great idea! I hate throwing away cards!

  2. I agree but there's something about getting cards in the mail that brings a smile to my face. I keep all of my Christmas cards and store them by year with the rest of my Christmas decorations. Every year we go through them looking at how the kids have grown up, etc.


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