Monday, November 2, 2009

My waist size is WHAT????

I am always weary of putting too much of my personal life in the public eye but I have an excuse this time. I am researching and testing a product for my avid readers! My husband and I bought a Wii a few years ago and have enjoyed playing Rock Band and battling each other in tennis and a few other games. I have to admit I am not a "gamer" at all but I have really enjoyed having the Wii here at the house! Especially when friends come over and after a few glasses of wine its fun to see everyone gear up and play rock band. Who doesnt love to see uncle Taylor sing his little heart out? That being said, Wii has come out with a fitness game that comes with a balance board. You stand on it and it measures your weight, bmi and tests your balance capabilities. You make your own little "Mii" they call it and dress them how you want. What I like most about the game is the daily changes in your body that it tracks for you. It also lets you know how close you are or how FARRRR you are from your goal weight. I need that reminder everyday to stay motivated. The "work outs" are not hard. They are small little exercises that are not really pushing you and the cardio is kind of a joke. That being said they came out with ANOTHER game called Personal Trainer.

Its a little more hard core and you can customize your work outs and take a 30 day challenge. Virtual exercise is something that I NEVER thought would happen in my life time. It's either going to really motivate me to lose that extra baby weight ( I call it baby weight but its been there since college so I guess I should say college weight) or I am going to end up eating popcorn on the couch and watching the little virtual girl really kick but like so many other exercise videos I have stashed under my tv. I will try to post at least once a week about my success, failure and my opinion of the game.

15 lbs is the it's out there...YIKES! I need some motivation...right after I eat this TWIX :)


  1. good luck with your will power...
    I have none.. the Keebler Elves were just very good to me :)

    (btw, hi from SITS)

  2. Sounds interesting! It's not easy, watching what you eat two days after halloween.
    Good Luck!
    I'm trying to take a few lbs off too.
    My friend and I have a fitness/photo blog that we started to help motivate each other.
    We encourage others to join us!

  3. Hi, stopping by from SITS. I'm looking forward to hearing how this works. I've tried one of those balance boards-they are hard!

  4. Okay you've got my curiosity up now...I have the Wii and the Wii Fit but never heard of the Personal Trainer? Is is really that good? Visting from SITS, great site!

  5. I wish they made a fitness software for the Xbox! lol Can't wait to see what your results are! Good luck! Oh yeah - and I can do without so much of Taylor's singing... lol

  6. I need to get back on my Wii..sigh..
    Popping by via SITS... hope you have a wonderful week.

  7. Thanks ladies for your support! Ill post another update next week to let you know how its going and if this game is any good!

  8. I love, love, love, LOVE my Wii! It's really great for keeping me motivated. The problem with me is, I'm in college and the Wii is at home. So I can't use it like I had been. However, this personal trainer thing sounds amazing! Best of luck to you, I'm trying to get fit as well!


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