Sunday, November 15, 2009

BubbaLou Bands

If you didn't just say AWWWWW then your heart must be 3x's too small. LOOK at these little head bands! They are beyond adorable! I have not tested the bands out to see if they dig into the little ones heads but geez they are cute. The company will also make them into clips if you prefer and in any cut or color. I love the look of felt and she has a nice variety of flowers to choose from. A perfect gift for the Holiday season! And hey, if your little one won't wear can :)

Click HERE to link to the BubbaLou shop!


  1. Hi! Visiting you from SITS. Darling little girl things. I'm a mom of boys, so we never see pink or flowers at our house. :)

  2. Hi Amanda!

    Awww...thanks so much for your sweet words and for featuring BUBBALou Bands! So kind of you! :)


  3. Hello just dropped in from SITS, Good post look forward to reading more...


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