Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Use it again ...and again..

I think we have lost the art of multi tasking. Not at work, we have mastered doing entirely too many things all at once, but the art of reusing objects and giving it more than one use. I realized I had when I looked in my laundry room and saw 5 different types of detergent. One for baby clothes, one organic kind, one for sensitive skin, one for smelly clothes and bleach to top it off. That is RIDICULOUS! By my plethora of detergent I also found 2 laundry bags (next to my two laundry baskets). I was determined to get them out of there but I HATE throwing things away! I knew I could/should get creative about another use for this mesh laundry bag. Well...the toys in the kids bathroom is out of control and I almost bought a net online the other day to wrangle them all together...hmmmm. So I found a rogue suction cup and up went the mesh laundry bag and all of the toys. I know it may sound silly, but I felt like I just helped the environment by not tossing it out and just saved myself some dough by not buying the net for the bath toys. It's the little things in life isn't it? So this week, don't toss out that extra baby shampoo. Reuse it! Did you know you can wash your delicates with baby shampoo? You can even clean your delicate wood furniture with it! There are a million uses for everything we have, we just need to get creative. Leave a comment and share your reusable tips!

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  1. great post and so true! we've reused the baby wipe containers to hold all kinds of different toys...we have one for trains, one for cars, one for flash cards, one for puzzle pieces, on and on.


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