Tuesday, September 15, 2009

My Revealing Story....

I recently found a store called LIME RICKI that sells the most amazing bathing suits. Against my better judgment...I bought one...with yellow bottoms. I wrote the following to the company to let them know about my experience.

I am a fairly new customer that has fallen in love with your bathing suits! I found you while cruising the internet and was so happy to finally find a suit that was not revealing but not a "mom" suit as my husband puts it. (Even though I am a mom) :) I first purchased the Lizzie Tankini Top and yellow bottoms. When they came I put them on in my living room and strutted around for a couple hours. Now I can guarantee you that has never happened before in ANY other bathing suit! I LOVED IT! I love the fabric and love the style! I went to the pool a couple of times and last time I was there I was wading with my little one at the shallow end. I propped her up on the side and was chatting with my friend and her kiddies. Then I heard a couple of children laughing quite loud, and I heard them say....something, something...butt....something.... so I turned around and they were right behind me...POINTING at ME! GASP. When they saw me look they quickly swam away and my mind started reeling. Were they talking about my butt? and WHY? OMG are my bottoms see through??? So we got out of the pool and I finally got the nerve up to ask my friend about 20 min later if she could see through my suit...NO! She said, not at all! PHEW I thought, then on the car ride home I realized that they were dry when I asked her. OH GEEEZ. So..I pulled out my little bathroom mirror and hopped in the shower. OH MAN...what a surprise. I saw every piece of business I had! The kiddies were laughing at me because they could see through the bottoms. Now the life guards lingering stares make sense :) I loved the suit so much that I hopped back on line to find a different bottom to go with the Lizzie top. Unfortunately, I think the teal ones might do the same. So I bought some green ones thinking they will compliment the yellow. I also bought a back up suit with black bottoms that I KNOW are safe! I haven't tried them out yet but I'm sure I will like them. I am writing you this not to get anything from you, but to let you know that the yellow bottoms (even the Key lime ones) are not for the timid.

The company kindly wrote me back and said that different skin tones seem to be more revealing than others.

I love them either way...and I think you will too. Check them out online by clicking HERE.

PS..if you are fair skinned, stay away from the yellow bottoms!


  1. Now that is a useful tip! I am so wishing for a good swimsuit. Thanks.

  2. That's one of my greatest worries with light-colored swimsuits. But you never know when you are trying it on. I risked it once with a light teal one that was on super sale. Found out later it was in fact too revealing. (It was the top for me!) Good thing it was cheap. I saw too much of a lady at the Lignano beach. She had on a white suit. That's why I tend to stick to black or darker colors now!


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