Sunday, August 2, 2009

$70.00 for a bottle of beer

I'm all for a good beer....but $70.00?!?...Here is an article explaining Fosters newest product.

By Steve Larkin, AAP, July 31, 2009 09:23am
Fosters has released a new beer that will cost $70 a bottle with expectations it will sell fast.

It comes in a champagne-style bottle and is best drunk from a wine glass.

It's in the Queen's cellar; and the maker says it has traces of vanilla and curry leaf, with hints of honey and passion fruit.

Sound like one of those pompous descriptions for a luxury wine?

It's not - it's an Aussie beer.

While the Fosters Group spends a mint on aiming some of their beers squarely at the blue-collar brigade, they're also cornering a new market: luxury lagers.

Despite tough economic times, the group is convinced success will follow arguably the country's poshest beer, the Crown Ambassador Reserve Lager.

The brewer released the first vintage - yes, the beer comes in a yearly vintage - last year.

It sold out within weeks.

The 2009 vintage will be released on Monday with Foster's expecting the limited edition lager to be again snapped up within weeks.

Some beers cost more: Sydney's boutique brewer Red Oak releases its signature beer, the Framboise Froment reserve, for around $75 for a 250ml bottle.

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